Artwork in the Making

As an artist, creating a new artwork can be tricky. Sometimes, coming up with an idea for a new painting can be more difficult that the actual painting process. I am constantly torn between painting what I want to paint and painting what I think other people want to see. However, I found that every person has different taste and that you can’t please everyone. If I paint what I truly feel like painting, then I will enjoy the process AND there will be someone who likes the artwork.

Another important lesson that I have learnt is that I should NOT paint when I am not in the mood. Painting is a process that uses both skill and emotion, and a bad mood definitely shows itself in an artwork. In the same way, a good mood flows through the entire painting.


When it came to painting my new artwork, ‘Sassy in Stripes’, I had no idea what I wished to paint for two whole weeks. I waited for inspiration to arrive, and it finally did. I felt like creating an artwork that was fun, playful, and cheeky. With a bit of a retro vibe, the paining features bright red sunnies, striped blue swimmers, and a flowy headscarf.

This painting is available on my website, click here

Watch the video below to see the making of ‘Sassy in Stripes’



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