Terracotta – Neutral Color Art

Neutral color art

Terracotta – a neutral color artwork inspired by a young girl from the slums of India.  I took this photo back in 2016 on a trip to India. My team and I were in India for one month; living with locals, eating traditional home-made food, and trying to survive in 45 degree heat without aircon. […]

Day in the Life of an Artist

Day in the life of

Becoming an artist has been a total adventure, with everyday being different to the last. A day in the life of an artist is always a total surprise. Unexpectedly, being an artist is more than painting everyday. The job also consists of online marketing, working on websites, creating post-able content, and more. Over the past […]

Beach Oil Painting

Australian Artist

Sun, sand, sea, and fun… A Day at the Beach  A few weeks ago, I received a message that a client of mine would like to order a beach oil painting. I have previously created a large artwork for this client, which was of a meter-long painting of a lady on the beach. The brief […]

Mural Art

Mural Art

Finally! Something that I have always wanted to do has finally happened. I have painted my first mural art… well, it was three walls actually. Such a task seemed daunting at first; painting on a large scale wall for a popular restaurant is not the same as painting on a canvas in your own studio […]

What I Love about Being an Artist

There are countless aspects of my career that I have fallen in love with. On the one hand, I love everything about the creative process and the process of creating a new artwork. On the other hand, I genuinely enjoy the business side of things. Joining the two worlds of creating and business has been […]

Artwork in the Making

As an artist, creating a new artwork can be tricky. Sometimes, coming up with an idea for a new painting can be more difficult that the actual painting process. I am constantly torn between painting what I want to paint and painting what I think other people want to see. However, I found that every […]

The Making of a Pet Portrait

Pet portraits are a unique way of preserving cherished memories of our beloved pets. A step up from a boring photograph, paintings turn special moments into awesome artworks to hang in our homes. Since December 2018, I have painted a total of 25 commissioned pets from around Australia. This shows me that there are many […]

The Art of Gift Giving: Choosing the Perfect Painting as a Gift

Coming up with an idea for the perfect gift can be tricky, especially when you want the gift to express your friendship, love, and appreciation. When in search of a gift, you may spend hours on end walking through various stores to only find meaningless yet expensive trinkets. Trust me, I’ve been there. I believe […]