Beach Oil Painting

Australian Artist

Sun, sand, sea, and fun… A Day at the Beach¬†

A few weeks ago, I received a message that a client of mine would like to order a beach oil painting. I have previously created a large artwork for this client, which was of a meter-long painting of a lady on the beach. The brief was to create a large and playful beach scene from a bird’s eye view.

I happily accepted the commission, and I was excited to paint using a different style to what I am used to. My other artworks usually have a smooth and defined technique, whereas this one would be messier and less detailed so that it would be fun and light-hearted.

Im not going to lie… I ended up painting over the original painting about 3 times in order to achieve the look that I was after. The end result has been painted using nothing but a palette knife, and about 3 large tubes of white paint.

The beach-goers were the most challenging part for me. I am used to painting detailed portraits, and trying to perfect my colors and technique to capture a realistic image. However, I had to let go of that style and use blobs of thick paint to create an impression of people at the beach.

I am very happy at the outcome, and the most important part is that I have a happy client.

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