Day in the Life of an Artist

Day in the life of

Becoming an artist has been a total adventure, with everyday being different to the last. A day in the life of an artist is always a total surprise. Unexpectedly, being an artist is more than painting everyday. The job also consists of online marketing, working on websites, creating post-able content, and more. Over the past few months, I have been learning about the world of websites and SEOs, which I never dreamed of doing before. There is a certain level of planning and goal setting that goes into the career, to make sure that this is more than just a hobby. It is very easy to just let the day go past without actually doing anything productive, so I found it helpful to set a list of daily goals in the morning. Generally, on a normal day, I try to set goals to paint and then to work on websites and content for the second half of the day. Watch the video below of ‘The Day in the Life of an Artist’. 

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